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o·ma·ka·se - a term often used in sushi restaurants where the customer entrusts the chef to serve as he sees best. It's an incredible experience that allows for the customer to explore new tastes, gives the chef creative license to be brilliant, and relieves the burden of choice away from the novice and onto the expert.

Get a taste of the 8omakase style experience. Use code TRIAL150 to receive one stylist selected, custom tailored outfit for just $150.

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Complete a style profile so your personal stylist can learn about what you like to wear, how you like to wear it and who you’re trying to impress.

Get Measured

Each garment is custom made to your measurements. Our awesome algorithm makes it easy to get measured. Perfect fit without awkward moments at the tailor.

Receive Packages

Your stylist will handpick designs & your tailor will construct each piece based on your specific sizing. Your packages will be shipped straight to your door twice a quarter.

Style Without the Hassle

Pour yourself a glass of scotch, sit back, and eagerly await your next package of perfectly fit, custom styled clothes.

Team of Stylists & Tailors

Membership comes with your very own stylist and tailor. Your stylist picks, designs and sources all of the fabrics. Your tailor creates individual pieces to fit your exact measurements and body type.

People talking about 8/Omakase

Where have you been all my life man, this gingham shirt and pants fits me like my rib! Thanks for the awesome work.

— Matthew from NY

Loving the journey with you all, and your attention to quality and customer service is great!

— Peter from Texas

I just want to say. WOW! Great job!. The pieces fit perfectly. Got me pretty excited to receive my next box.

— Norman from VA

The customer service & support I’ve received from your company is beyond optimal. It’s greatly appreciated.

— Geoff from CA

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